For the R45W, we have kept everything we love about the R45 and given it an extra wireless connection feature boost. The R45W communicates with you and your remote control via Wifi.
When you pick up iONE’s LC1500 motorised curtains for the first time, you’ll be surprised at how simple the device really is. Designed to be unobtrusive, the LC1500 is a neatly covered track of eggshell white with adjustable installation brackets and track loops. It’s also light, three times lighter than other competing brands. The weight is also inclusive of iONE’s patented motor which is neatly tucked away inside the tracks so that there is no external motor module to hide. This makes for easy and flexible installation in your interiors in your desired area of implementation. Like the R45, the LC1500 takes into account your existing electrical network so that you do not have to retrofit your space with physical wirings and expensive set up boxes.
The Sun-Intensity Sensor is a clever add on to iONE’s motorised blinds and curtains. By placing the sensor outdoors or indoors on the inside of your glass window, you can maintain your indoor light settings with little or no effort. The sensor measures light brightness and sends a minute electric signal to your motorised blinds, communicating with it to lower or rise according to the amount of natural light you prefer in your indoor space.
The One Touch eschews the traditional design of rubber keypad remote controls in favour of a sleek glass touch screen to program your favourite settings on iONE’s motorised blinds and curtains. Featuring an ergonomic white scooped back and a small light indicator, the remote control weighs just 60 g and communicates with the R45 and LC1500 wirelessly. Touch the triangular icons for the blinds to rise or lower and the square icon to stop. You also choose to preset upper limit and lower limit adjustments in the One Touch’s various channels.